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Featuring all the top World leagues:-

Play all year giving you 3 chances each month to win a cash prize in our Manager of the Month competition.

All the fantasy leagues are FREE to enter. Registration is simple and straightforward - we only require a team name and a valid email address.   Once registered you can manage your teams via your own control panel (you will be automatically entered in all leagues within 24 hours of registration).

Team selection is simple, choose a formation then select your players from the clubs in that league to fill each position e.g. Manchester United in Goal, Chelsea, Everton, Arsenal and Newcastle in defence and so on. Each league team is seeded according to their current league position so you get more points if a team near the bottom of the league draws with, or beats, a team near the top of the league. 

You can change your team formation and your entire team as often as you like!

To help you pick the strongest team each week we publish performance tables, such as the top scoring teams and the best away wins, as an aid. They will also help you make the best picks for football betting online.

Check out the Winners page as all prizes must be claimed before the next months winners are announced. For full details please consult the rules page.

Enjoy and good luck!

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