Winners for August 2014

Manager of the Month


Second Place


Manager of the Month


To claim, email us using the email address registered to the above team to info@sunnyafternoon.com


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The following rules are effective from 1st August 2014

Prize Fund

Prizes will be paid in GBP using PayPal and will be sent to the email address registered against the winning teams.

It is therefore imperative that you have registered a valid email address.


A monthly prize will be awarded to the top manager across all leagues. Any manager running a team in any national league is eligible..

  • - 25GBP will be awarded to the first placed manager
  • - 15GBP will be awarded to the second placed manager
  • - 5GBP will be awarded to the third placed manager
  • - In the event of a 2 way tie for first place the prizes for 1st and 2nd will be divided equally
  • - In the event of a 3 way tie for first place the prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be divided equally
  • - In the event of a 2 way tie for second place the prizes for 2nd and 3rd will be divided equally
  • - In the event of a 2 way tie for 3rd place the prize will be divided equally
  • - If the prize split is less than £2.50 no prize will be awarded

Claiming Prizes

Prizes must be claimed in the month following the award.

In order to claim your prize you must contact us using the email registered for the winning team(s).

Rule changes

We reserve the right to change the rules at any time however, such changes will not be vexatious, and will be for the general benefit of all participants.

Limits on teams

There is no limit to the number of teams you can enter (you will automatically entered in all leagues once registered). There is no limit on the number of transfers you can make. Teams can join any league at any time and the points up to that date will be calculated using the initial team selection.

Abusive Team Names

We reserve the right to remove, without notice, any Team whose name may be considered offensive.

Invalid entries

When you enter your team it will be automatically checked and if it is not valid it will be deleted. (This includes teams without a valid email address.)

Publishing Results

The Fantasy League table is calculated from the results over the last 30 days and is published daily after 2am GMT. The Manager of the Month will be whoever is at the top of the league on the morning of the 1st of the month. The results used are from Flash Scores website.

Your Information

Apart from your email address we do not collect any other information about you. Your email will not be passed on to any 3rd party. Your email is necessary, primarily as a password, but ultimately to positively identify the winners.

A team

A team consists of 11 players and consist of 1 Goalkeeper, 2 to 4 Defenders, 2 to 4 Midfielders and 2 to 4 Strikers.

Maintaining your team

If you do not actively maintain your team (i.e. make a transfer at least once a month) your team will be randomly changed every 30 days.


Each real team in the league will be seeded (between 0 and 5) according to their current league position.


Player’s points are determined by the position of each player using the result from their respective clubs.

  • 3 points for a win (4 if playing away from home)
  • 1 point for a draw (2 if playing away from home)
  • The seed value for their team

The Goalkeeper

  • -2 points for each goal conceded
  • 2 points for no goals conceded


  • -1 point for each goal conceded
  • 1 point for no goals conceded


  • 1 points for each goal scored
  • -1 points for each goal conceded


  • 1 point for each goal scored
  • 1 extra point for every 3 goals scored
  • NO points if striker fails to score


General Info

We are a small independent software company dealing
in sport and sport related matters.

If you want to contact us for any reason then please do so by one of the following:

write to:

02, 21 Craigend Court,
G13 2US


+44 (0) 77 5151 3842



Remember sunnyafternoon is free to play. Check the winners page, you never know when you have won!